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For those of you I have not met! My name is Dr. Kenneth Harris and I have the privilege to serve as your District 7 Board of Education member for Prince George’s County Public Schools. As a proud graduate of the Science and Tech Program at Eleanor Roosevelt, I’ve experienced both the challenges and triumphs of PGCPS firsthand, as a student and resident living here my entire life. I understand the impact our school system has on every scholar reaching their future goals. And my personal educational journey through this system into an industry I love is just one testament to that fact. 

Now as a father of two future scholars I am even more invested in what it takes to enhance the educational experience for every student under our care. And not just them, but also the experiences of our educators and staff members that make these schools run everyday. As the current Board Member, I am proud of the work we have completed to work with our stakeholders and unions, build 6 cutting edge new schools, and increase mental health resources for both our scholars and educators across the county…with still more to come. 


Together we’ve worked to:

  • Navigate academic challenges like regression seen through COVID

  • Revise and create policies to reflect the best interest of students and educators

  • Enhance security measures across our school buildings

  • And build a pipeline of diverse scholars interested in the field of S.T.E.A.M.

But you and I both know there’s still barriers to be removed and work to be done. There's space for us to grow by:

  • Improving our approach to equity across the county and meeting the cultural and diverse educational needs of all students.

  • Continuing to advocate for full funding and implementation of the Blueprint for Maryland's Future.

  • Strengthening engagement practices that promote collaboration between PGCPS, our parents, guardians, and the entire community. 


As a native Prince Georgian, I am PGCPS Proud of the work we have done and will continue to do to remove these barriers and move the school district forward…together. I humbly ask for your support as I seek re-election to once again represent District 7.

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Prioritize Educational Equity & Academic Innovation

  • Identify & meet the cultural & diverse learning needs of all students. 

  • Support expansion of the Community Schools model 

  • Expand summer school & extended school day opportunities

  • Increase awareness of data literacy & how to utilize testing data to target learning gaps

Provide Safe & Supportive Learning Environments

  • Allocate resources to target building health, including water & air quality

  • Revise policies to adapt with national & global concerns

  • Prioritize rebuilding & renovating older school buildings

Expanding Youth
Mental Health


  • Provide training services and support to identify substance abuse and mental health challenges.

  • Partner with community led supports to expand capacity within PGCPS.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of current mitigations through Key Performance Indicators .


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